Laravel Customization and Integration

Laravel India offers customization and Integration services as per your specifications for the web applications.

Laravel offers numerous extension points for you to modify the behaviour of the system's core components, or even replace them entirely. Laravel gives a variety of helpful validation rules, and also accommodates your specifications too.

We accept the challenge and provide you the systems integration services with Laravel.
A few of them are:

LinkedIn: LinkedIn: We make use of oAuth2 package in Laravel and make work with LinkedIn to pull in enormous amount of data about the user.

FaceBook Login: We install FaceBook PHP SDK into your Laravel project, enable use of FaceBook profile and create account for your Laravel application and facilitate sign in with FaceBook.

Sending E-mail with Laravel:By utilizing built in mail function of PHP, you can send e-mails with Laravel.

Integrating Stripe: We facilitate Stripe integration into your Laravel system which allows you to take credit card payments painlessly.

Integrating Bootstrap: Bootstrap, a frontend framework provides the necessary CSS and Javascript to make your websites responsive. It enhances web development process through focus on building the application’s functionality rather than cross-browser load of styling rules and media queries.

Using GeoIP extension to get user's location:

  1. Use of webservice to convert the IP into geographical coordinates and pass the result into your application.
  2. Use GeoIP extension for PHP and get the user’s location(city) from the GeoIP extension with free tools (eg. Pagodabox)

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